Driscoll’s to offer blueberries in 300 grams buckets this October
September 28, 2017

Blueberries are booming thanks to the growing health consciousness of consumers around the world. This is the newest berry for Driscoll’s since the company began growing them in the early 1990s and, from 2014 onwards, in Peru. 

While quality is of peak importance, packaging can also help drive more berries off the shelves. Driscoll's has found that buckets have proven to be a successful pack type.

In this category, Driscoll’s experienced strong growth with its 500 grams bucket and has decided to further build on this success by adding a second 300g blueberry bucket to the core assortment. 

Planning for an October launch, Driscoll’s hopes the new sizing option allows them to offer more of an option for consumers throughout the season.

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