About Us

Who we are

The IBO is a global organization bringing together leaders from around the blueberry world in all segments of the industry, including blueberry producers and marketers, affiliated business, social groups, and governmental organizations worldwide. We come together to learn, share, increase, understanding, distribute information, address mutual challenges, coordinate potential solutions and explore opportunities. Ultimately, the organization exists to advance the health and sustainability of the blueberry industry.


Our main mission is to collect and share blueberry information, fostering a common goal of increased worldwide blueberry consumption in all forms. This involves promoting a better understanding of the common interests shared by blueberry growers and marketers, as well as affiliated business, social groups and governmental organizations throughout the world.

Main Objectives

  1. To collect and share blueberry information.
  2. To foster the common goal of increased worldwide consumption of blueberries in all forms.
  3. To provide the opportunity for a united voice on issues in an international forum.
  4. To provide representatives of Blueberry producing nations a consultative forum for better mutual understanding of items of common interest.
  5. To maximize the IBO┬┤s sphere of influence within the Blueberry industry.
  6. To promote a better understanding of the common interests of the Blueberry producers and marketers and affiliated business, social and governmental organizations throughout the world.
  7. To encourage the compilation and publication of production and non - propietary marketing information.
  8. To encourage world wide free trade of Blueberries and associated by products, and to dissociate itself with the artificial protection of markets.
  9. To assists countries in mitigation regularity items that can inhibit growth of the Industry e.g. artificial competition barriers and pesticides registration.
  10. To target assistance in order to maximize the continued success of the international Blueberry industry.