Peru: Olmos set for 1,000ha of blueberries in H1
February 12, 2016

The Peruvian region of Olmos in the northern department of Lambayeque is set for 1,000 hectares of new blueberry planting in the first half of 2016, newspaper Diario La Republica reported.

The story reported blueberries had been introduced to the region to complement large plantings of Hass avocados and table grapes.

"This year will be very important for consolidating the business model that Olmos has created in the Lambayeque region. By the end of 2016, in its second year of operation, we expect to reach 15,000 hectares [of crops] planted," said Alfonso Pinillos, investment director of concessionary H2Olmos, a subsidiary of Odebrecht.

Pinillos was referring to a mega-irrigation project that has transformed the dry region, which has also attracted the likes of Mission Produce in avocados.

In addition to the irrigation works, other infrastructure still needs to be built including the Nueva Ciudad (New City) Olmos, an industrial parque and more roadways to boost the area's competitive development, the story reported.

Pinillos mentioned logistics services would also be needed for investors to obtain better results, to help growers with storage and foreign exports.


Source: Fresh Fruit Portal