Driscoll’s acquires A-Plant nursery in The Netherlands
June 27, 2013

On June 1st, Driscoll’s of EMEA acquired one of its nursery partners, A-Plant, in Helenaveen, The Netherlands. As of this date, the name A-Plant is changed into Driscoll’s Plants B.V., and operates as a separate entity from Driscoll’s of EMEA. The berry company believes that integrating key nursery technologies and knowledge of A-Plant will strengthen the future growth for both companies and welcomes the A-Plant team to their organisation.

Theo Houwen, Managing Director of Driscoll’s of EMEA, is excited about this development. “This acquisition is part of our ambitious growth strategy driven by our commitment to our mission to continually delight our Berry Consumers through alignment with our Customers and our Berry Growers. Given that plants are at the start of our berry supply plans, we believe that this take-over will directly contribute to our strategic objectives.”

Moreover, by acquiring A-Plant, Driscoll’s of EMEA will bring in house key nursery technology and knowledge, especially in the more sophisticated strawberry plant types, critical for several of their production models in both the northern and southern growing areas. Also, the company considers this acquisition as a sign of the commitment to their Grower community, by enhancing their capabilities to deliver the right plant quality, in the right quantity and in the right timing.