Steep drop in Peruvian blueberry exports to China
August 28, 2023

Peru’s blueberry exports to China during the ongoing campaign have fallen significantly compared to the same period last year, informs Fructidor.

The 2023/2024 export season started in May 2023 and will last until April 2024. Until the first week of August 2023, Peru dispatched 9,816 tons of blueberries to China, marking a 28% decrease from the 13,576 tons recorded during the corresponding period in the previous season.

Only during the first week of August, Peru’s blueberry exports worldwide amounted to 2,160 tons, showcasing a sharp decline of 47% when compared with the same week from the previous year. The fruit reached 21 different destinations, with the top three being the United States (36%), China (30%), and the Netherlands (20%).

Throughout this week, Peru sent 784 tons of blueberries to the United States, signifying a drop of 56% in comparison to the same period last year. Additionally, the country exported 424 tons of blueberries to the Netherlands, marking an increase of 23%. Furthermore, Peru managed to export 646 tons of blueberries to China, representing a substantial decline of 61% when compared to the initial week of August in 2022.