Berry Blue LLC & University of Florida to develop late-season blueberry varieties
April 5, 2023

Berry Blue LLC and the University of Florida Blueberry Breeding Program have announced a partnership to research and develop new and proprietary late-season southern highbush blueberry varieties.

The project aims at creating new blueberry varieties that are not currently available in the market for late May and June. 

Using the combined expertise of both breeding programs, the two organizations will work to develop blueberry varieties that not only have enhanced agronomic traits but also improved consumer appeal.

“Their expertise in blueberry breeding has been tremendously influential in the industry. We are excited to bring together our collective breeding efforts and technology to deliver transformative cultivars to MBG growers,” said Brad Moorer, President/CEO of Berry Blue LLC. and MBG Marketing.

Moorer indicated that the multi-million dollar investment in the partnership shows both organizations’ commitment to innovating for the future of this berry category. 

“In this project, we will leverage our expertise and germplasm to breed blueberry varieties with high yield and ideal fruit characteristics. These efforts will complement the work we have been doing and we will continue doing in Florida. This means we will use the new funding to develop cultivars for the window after the Florida season,” said Patricio Munoz, Blueberry Breeder at the University of Florida.