China’s domestic blueberries enter peak sales period
May 25, 2022

It is a peak period for the sales of domestic blueberries in China. As a domestically produced fine fruit that has a relatively high value, it is sold in the Haiguangxing Fine Fruit Trading Center of Jiaxing Fruit Market. The time to market in each production area varies depending on the latitude. Among them, the ripe period in Yunnan production areas is mainly from early March to mid-May. The sales price is the highest in March, and the early ripe at the regional level is extremely advantageous.

A small number of domestic blueberries were listed in the Jiaxing Fruit Market as early as March. Affected by the pandemic, the blueberry trading declined in April. But after the market resumed, its trading was almost the same as that of the same period last year. The domestic trading volume of blueberry only decreased by 7.84% In April year-on-year, while from May 1st to 23rd, the blueberry trading volume increased by 108.38% year-on-year. It has become the mainstream product of domestic fine fruits in the current market, and its popularity is no less than the Chilean cherries season.

The packaging of blueberries has reached the hardcover level, and the more prominent brands are mainly Joyvio and Yikeberry. In recent years, many enterprises or growers have also taken the first step in branding and registered their own trademarks, but they have not yet formed a unique brand. Nevertheless, their design style has gradually emerged.

The quality gap between the first batch and the last batch of fruits during the transition period of ripening is too large, which also causes the problem of price differences across different periods in the same production area. The common packaging specification of blueberries is 125g*12 boxes/carton, and the common price is mainly in two ranges. One is between 60-80 yuan per carton, and the size is below 18mm (exclude). The other one is between 120-160 yuan per carton, and the size is 18mm (include) or above. The price of Yikeberry is more expensive, about 140 yuan per carbon for the size below 18mm (exclude), and 200 yuan for the size above 18mm (include).

Intuitively, many new blueberry brands have emerged this year, and there are more specifications as well. However, due to the rapid expansion of blueberry trading in recent years, the price has dropped slightly opposite to the increase in the trading volume. From May 1 to 23, the overall average price of blueberries was 43.31 yuan/kg, 19.35% lower than the same period last year.