Global blueberry industry gears up for South American Blueberry Convention
February 23, 2022

The inaugural event to be held in-person in Chile on April 21, 2022, will bring together members of the global blueberry industry, with a focus on Chile, Peru, Argentina, and Uruguay.

The first-ever edition of the South American Blueberry Convention is approaching, and tickets are selling fast.

Organized by Yentzen Group in collaboration with the national associations of Chile, Peru, Argentina and Uruguay, the event will bring together the global blueberry industry on April 21, 2022, at the Sun Monticello, located just south of the Chilean capital.

Supported by the International Blueberry Organization (IBO), the South American Blueberry Convention be a unique opportunity to gather, learn and share information about the challenges and opportunities that affect this major export region.

Topics to be addressed include an outlook of the 2022-23 season, blueberry market trends, export opportunities for the four focus countries, market forecasts, and innovation. Participants will also enjoy excellent networking opportunities.

Tickets, booths and sponsorship opportunities are currently available.

Alejandro Pannunzio, President of the Argentinean Blueberry Committee (ABC), said: “We consider an event such as the South American Blueberry Convention to be very important, since it brings together growers from a group of countries with common interests in the production and marketing of blueberries. Understanding the needs, requirements and expectations of current and future consumers is central to maintaining consumption growth rates and preferences for our fruit, providing certainty as to our productive, environmental and social sustainability.”

Luis Miguel Vagas, General Manager of the Peruvian Blueberry Growers & Exporter Association (Proarándanos), said: “We will be participating for several reasons, among which I highlight our commitment to the continued strengthening of the South American blueberry ecosystem, the construction of a common agenda among the different origins, the mapping of the latest trends and the identification of opportunities for the long-term sustainability of the blueberry industry.”

Marta Bentancur, of Uruguay's Fruit Producers and Exporters Union (UPEFRUY), said: “We are going through substantive changes in the entire fresh fruit industry, and blueberries in particular are seeing a changing scenario. Learning and sharing knowledge will be an opportunity to face the challenges of the industry, and we recognize the effort of the organizers to add value for our partners.”

Gustavo Yentzen, President of Yentzen Group, said: “This event is key for the blueberry industry in Chile, Peru, Argentina and Uruguay because today the performance of each country is affected by the same external variables. The destinies of each country depend more than ever on how the region performs. It is time to look at the performance of each international market and project future growth based on South American growth.”

Peter McPherson, President of the IBO, said: "The IBO is pleased to support the South American Blueberry Convention, which will help to advance the industry in this highly important export region. By working together and sharing knowledge, we can overcome common challenges and boost blueberry consumption worldwide."

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