The IBO State of the Blueberry Industry Report Call for Participants
April 28, 2021
The 2021 State of the Industry Report for this first time will be made freely available to the entire blueberry community. Among the many innovations that the report is incorporating is the call for participants, allowing any interested party the opportunity to add their perspective to the report.
First and foremost the updated state of the industry report serves the interest of growers and producers around the world helping make informed decisions in a dynamic and growing industry.
As this is the most complete overview of Blueberry data and analysis available, the contributions from the community will also help define the global blueberry outlook for the coming years, driving investment in the sector, as well as interests from buyers and sellers alike.
Industry members interested in helping tell the story of blueberries in their country should send an email with their contact details and a short description of the key matters they would like to contribute to