Morocco remains no. 1 in blueberry exports to Russia
September 28, 2020

Russia has increased its imports of blueberries by 61% (value) between January and June 2020. In fact, they reached 4.200 tons worth 30,5 million dollars. For the Russian Federation, Morocco is at no. 1 in the ranking of the main supplier countries of these fruits.

The Russians spent $ 13,7 million on Moroccan blueberries. They imported 1.900 tonnes of these blueberries from the Kingdom, 36,4% more than a year earlier. Chile, which occupies the second place in the ranking of suppliers, has more than doubled its shipments of "blueberries" to Russia, up to 1.000 tons. explains this means, Morocco and Chile account for almost 80% of all imports of this agricultural product in Russia. The third and fourth largest exporters of blueberries to Russia are occupied by Peru and Serbia. In fact, these two countries increased their exports of this fruit to Russia by 75% and 95%, respectively.