Value-added blueberries sourced from top 20% of harvest
July 20, 2020

Naturipe Farms’ Value-Added Fresh division is focused on the future by providing a diversified and elevated foodservice program. The company’s Farm to Package process provides extended shelf life, enhanced food safety, and increased culinary efficiency in the Foodservice category.

“We work with chefs and restaurant operators to understand their needs and provide for their requests. We are solution-oriented and work to help them reduce their back of house prep and waste so they can focus on their creations,” says Jill Overdorf, Director of Business Development. “By listening to our foodservice customers, Naturipe Farms developed our value-added blueberry packs. The fruit is triple washed and provides contact-free production with no labor and 100% yield.”

Available in an 18oz and 32oz pack size, Naturipe’s value-added blueberries have a 21 day shelf life and are sourced from the top 20 percent of the harvest. These blueberries have a consistent year-round supply and come in a peel and reseal top that provides a 30 percent reduction in waste stream plastics.

“Naturipe’s value-added blueberries add a fresh and vibrant color to any dish with the nutritional benefits and immunity boost customers look for on menus,” adds Overdorf, “It’s the easiest way to add a health halo to any menu item."

To learn a new berry recipe and tips for the kitchen, tune into PMA’s Foodservice Delivered on Monday, July 20th, at 7:00pm EDT, for the Cook with Us: Family Style session. Overdorf joins Chef Vincent Cani for a family friendly recipe.