Peru’s blueberry export volume to increase 60% over last year
June 19, 2019

Peru’s blueberry exports are set to reach a value of US$830 million in 2019, a 51% increase from its 2018 campaign, according to a report by Scotiabank.

“This evolution would be based on the 60% increase in the volume exported, mainly due to the opening of new markets,” commented the Peruvian communications agency Andina.

To date, its blueberries are exported to 24 countries.

The report explains that there are a number of factors responsible for these drastic jumps in volume and value.

These include the diversity of agroclimatic conditions in Peru, an increase in shipments to the main export destinations and an increase in the hectares planted to reach 1,300 a year on average.

The agency noted that the production of blueberries in 2018 was 93,205 metric tons (MT), which was 78% more than in 2017, when 52,301 MT were produced.

Regarding the current volumes, during the first quarter of the year, 21,513 MT have been harvested.

This figure marks an 82% jump from the 11,812 MT that were harvested in the same period in 2018.

The main producing areas are Ancash, Ica, Lima, Lambayeque and La Libertad, with the last two responsible for 90% of the country’s production.

The yield of the bushes currently reaches 9.2 tons by hectare.

Peru’s position as an exporter

Peru’s blueberry production and exports have been growing.

In 2018 shipments were made for US$548 million, which was a 48% year-on-year increase.

Andina elaborated: “Peru positioned itself as the second largest exporter of blueberries in the world (17% of the total exported), surpassed only by Chile (21%) and ahead of Spain (12%), The Netherlands (12%) and USA (7%)” in 2018.

According to Adex Data Trade, the main blueberry export companies are currently Camposol with 34% of the total, followed by Hortifrut Peru (13%), Hortifrut Tal (12%) and HFE Berries Peru (5%).