“Domestic blueberries gradually replace imports in Chinese market”
May 27, 2019

Blueberries had already begun to enter the Chinese market in large volumes several months ago. The supply volume is limited and the market price has therefore been relatively high since the beginning. Imported blueberries from Peru and Chile dominated the Chinese market earlier this year. Now, however, domestic blueberries are gradually replacing imported blueberries.

Mr. Wang of Shaanxi Dingjun Shan Blueberry Science and Technology Co., Ltd. provided his analysis of the current conditions in China's blueberry market: "This year's blueberry production volume is large in comparison with last year. This is mainly due to sufficient rainfall and stable weather conditions without any disasters such as an early spring cold current. However, current weather conditions are not great for the growth of blueberries. The ripening process is delayed because of overcast and rainy weather, and this year's blueberries entered the market one week later than usual."

"The wholesale price of domestic first-grade blueberries in the Chinese market is around 145 yuan [21.02 USD] per 1.5 kg box; the price of second-grade blueberries is around 120 yuan [17.40 USD] per 1.5 kg box. Blueberries from Shandong have not yet entered the market. The price of first-grade blueberries from Shaanxi is expected to drop to 110 yuan [15.95 USD] per 1.5 kg box once open-field blueberries from Shandong enter the Chinese market in large volumes. At that time competition in the Chinese blueberry market will intensify."

"The blueberry production season in Hanzhong Prefecture in Shaanxi begins every year in middle to late May. The blueberries in Guanzhong only begin to ripen every year around May 23rd. The main reason for the difference in blueberry production between these two areas is the Qingling mountain range that divides the Guanzhong plain from the Han river valley.

The weather conditions are different as a result of this mountain range. The blueberries from Shaanxi are not the first domestic blueberries to enter the market every year. The blueberry production season in Guizhou and Yunnan begins even earlier. And the greenhouse blueberries from Dalian ripen in April.

The market demand for blueberries has grown significantly in recent years. The overall surface area devoted to blueberry production in China, however, is quite small. Most people think blueberries are too expensive. Once the surface area expands, the production volume will grow, and the price will come down. When more consumers have the chance to taste blueberries, the market demand will continue to grow!"

"Our blueberry plantation in Hanzhong covers an area of 80 hectares with an additional 10.6 hectares in the foothills north of the Qingling mountain range. We grow and package our own blueberries. In addition, we cooperate with the Qinba Mountain Blueberry Research Institute in the plantation of blueberries. We focus on the cultivation of blueberry varieties, plant health, and food safety standards. We do all this to guarantee that product quality remains high and we grow the most advanced blueberry varieties in the market."