OZblu blueberries to be grown in Northern Hemisphere
February 7, 2019

OZblu blueberries will be grown for the first time in the North Hemisphere following Mexico-based Red Sun Farms’ entry into a joint venture with Migiva Group and United Exports.

The deal was announced in Berlin at the Fruit Logistica trade fair and is described as an acceleration of the strategy to supply the varieties year-round.

Peru-based Migiva Group and Australia-based United Exports announced their joint venture to grow and market the crunchy, low-chill varieties in January 2018.

Roger Horak, Global CEO of United Exports and OZblu, said this latest step was an “exciting development”.

“OZblu will soon be able to provide a superior blueberry eating experience to the consumer, and to our clients’ programs, for 365 days of the year,” he said, describing Red Sun Farm as a “world-class grower”.

“We strongly believe that if the whole blueberry industry can elevate the consumer eating experience with new varieties of this superfood, it will lead to a transformative uplift and broader consumption for the entire blueberry industry and drive future growth.”

A release from United Fresh said that OZblu has “redefined the blueberry eating experience, with bigger, crunchier, and more flavorful fruit developed”, with new genetics by Dave and Leasa Mazzardis.

“Too often consumers will buy blueberries and be disappointed with them. We have worked hard to create and develop blueberries that are firm, sweet and crunchy, which is how they should taste,” says Dave Mazzardis, the co-breeder of the OZblu varieties.

Jonathan Geller, director of Migiva Group, said that not only does the addition of Red Sun Farms complete the Latin American footprint, but it also brings “tremendous value in precision agriculture”.

Thierry Legros of Red Sun Farms explained that being able to pivot from precision agriculture in vegetables into a super fruit was an exciting step for the company.
“For us being part of this family, not only fits well with our company DNA, but is a win-win, and we are delighted to be joining this exciting journey together with OZblu,” says Thierry Legros of Red Sun Farms, Mexico.