But it’s not that Pineys hate the Pine Barrens. Far from it. It’s an unspoken rule that only people from New Jersey are allowed to make fun of New Jersey, because we do it with a sense of underdog pride — pride in the fact that we come from one of the least desirable places. So imagine that attitude amplified by the fact that the Pine Barrens is one of the least desirable places in New Jersey.

“I am proud to be a Piney from my nose down to my hiney” is an actual saying in the region. Pineys are proud that while the rest of the world moved onto greener pastures, they decided to stay. Instead of giving up when farming got tough, Pineys got clever and adapted. And when everyone assumed that their home was a barren wasteland, they turned it into the blueberry capital of the world.  In these parts, the blueberry is more than just history – it’s an industry, it’s a tradition and it’s a life’s purpose. The Pine Barrens make and the world takes.