Giumarra to offer jumbo blueberries
May 11, 2018

Photo: The Giumarra Cos.

Photo: The Giumarra Cos.

Los Angeles-based The Giumarra Cos. plans to roll out a new pack of jumbo blueberries from a Georgia supplier this season, said Tom Richardson, senior vice president of global development.

The 9.8-ounce pack will feature berries that are at least 18 millimeters in diameter.

“The majority of the fruit is going to be 20 millimeters and larger,” he said.

Twenty millimeters is about the diameter of a nickel.

Blueberries typically have a diameter of 12-15 millimeters, he said.

The jumbo blueberries also have superior eating characteristics, firmness and flavor, Richardson said.

They will be sold under Giumarra’s Nature’s Partner label.

The company also will have a substantial Georgia blackberry deal that will start in late May, Richardson said.

“For the month of June, we’ll be able to offer blueberries and blackberries out of Georgia (in) promotable volumes,” he said. “It’s really an exciting time of year for our Southwest season.”


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