Mexico: Aneberries developing national berry brand
April 24, 2018

The Mexican National Association of Berry Exporters (Aneberries) has announced plans to release a new brand to help boost exports in Middle Eastern and southeast Asian markets.

Speaking with Fresh Fruit Portal last week, Aneberries director general Juan José Flores said the creation of a “Berries de México” brand would help raise awareness about the country as a source of origin whil also improving its positioning in destination markets. 

He said blueberry exports were currently amidst the season peak.

“In the case of blueberries we can say this week (week 15) exports have reached their peak and we are estimating they will start to be reduced gradually from week 20,” he said.

He said peak volumes for blackberries would likely be seen between weeks 20 and 24.

The representative said between 95-97% of the country’s berries were shipped to the United States and Canada, while the remainder were distributed around different global markets.

“We are growing in Europe and also in Russia,” he added.

He mentioned blueberry exports to the Chinese market had not met expectations in terms of participation, while the shipments that were made were generally via air-freight.

“A great limiting factor we are trying to overcome is the average tariff is 23% and also shipment logistics,” he said.

“I think it’s the same challenge that Chile has, for example.”

“We estimate that of the total blueberry surface area we’d have to put 5% in this market. Today we should have 1% of that expectation.”