Go behind the scenes with “Positively Bluetiful” blueberries
December 14, 2017

As we’re wrapping up a strong year of promotions in 2017, we’re counting down the days till the USHBC unveils its brand new “Positively Bluetiful” campaign that’s expected to reach nearly 70% of all moderate blueberry users, three times per day, every single day of the year.

Right now, our team is laying the groundwork for this first-of-its-kind USHBC campaign that has a heavy emphasis on digital advertising, and on placing blueberries on websites and in apps that moderate users interact with on a daily basis (like your go-to weather app).

“Positively Bluetiful” will put blueberries front and center, using the right message, in the right place and at the right time, to drum up greater demand among moderate users – our target audience, made up of men and women of all ages, that consumes 7.6 fresh cups/year on average and has the greatest potential for increased consumption. Daily ads that showcase the attributes that set blueberries apart will aid in solidifying blueberries’ standing as a shopping list stable.

The Council’s 2017 Consumer Usage & Attitude study told us that consumers want blueberries – in fact, blueberries are the top berry among American consumers and 75% of those consumers are planning to purchase in the next 12 months. These ads are intended to increase that percentage and boost purchase consideration during every month of the year.

Here’s a sneak peek from our photoshoot on December 13, plus ad mockups from earlier this fall. We believe this new campaign has the power to take blueberries to the next level, helping our businesses thrive by growing demand far and wide.

Visit RidetheBlueWave.com in 2018 for details on the “Positively Bluetiful” campaign launch as well as updates on our marketing efforts all year long. Happy holidays – and here’s to a bluetitful New Year!