Argentinian blueberry sea exports increased by 40%
November 7, 2017

Producers of the Argentinean Blueberry Committee (ABC) announced today an increase of 20% in sea shipment exports in comparison to 2016 and 40% to 2015. 

“These numbers, without any precedent, show the effort we have been doing in logistics to be more competitive before a changeable market with decreasing prices, which made us reduce costs”, said Federico Bayá, President of ABC.

According to numbers provided by the sector, week 43rd (October 23rd to 29th) was the highest peak in sea shipments where the offer exported through it reached almost the 30% of the total (710 tons among a total of 2.500).

In October, the total amount of blueberry exports via sea shipments was 1.400 tons, 3 times more than shipments of 2016 which were 400 tons. “If we compare this data with 2015, the difference is huge since during that year only 45 tons was shipped by sea," detailed Bayá.

Additionally, ABC highlighted that the raise in sea shipments gained importance over air shipments, which decreased from 87% to 80% in the forecast for 2017-18 season. On the other hand, sea shipments increased in all export destinations:  57% to USA and Canada; 23% to UK and 20% to continental Europe, compared to last year.

“The advantage of sea shipment is that we can plan and forecast in advance, ensuring the fruit arrives on time and in as great quality as in air shipments”, said Federico Bayá, President of ABC.

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