Héctor Silva, Berries Paradise Group: Mexico: “We are increasing our supply of organic berries”
September 2, 2016

The Mexican berry season will start in September and prospects point to a very good volume this year. The Berries Paradise Group grows raspberries, blueberries and blackberries, both conventional and organic. "This is the second season we have produced organic blackberries and blueberries and the third growing organic raspberries. The markets increasingly seek organic products and we are motivated to meet this demand, especially in the United States and the European Union," explains Héctor Silva, of Berries Paradise.

Greater quality and volume

berries2The exporter expects an excellent quality for all three products this season. "We work with our own producers and discuss every aspect as a team in order to make the best decisions every campaign. This season, we are working to prevent any situation that might negatively affect the quality of the products," continues Silva. As for the impact of the weather phenomenon El Niño, he affirms that Berries Paradise has found new suppliers for, for example, more resistant screens to protect the plantations from strong winds, so growers feel safer. "Moreover, we are looking for the best natural elements to take better advantage of the productivity of our plants.

"The most important product for Berries Paradise is raspberries, followed closely by blueberries, whose production is increasing to meet the demand of its customers around the world. "We export the three products to all our markets, but in different proportions, depending on the country."


The blueberry season is also kicking off in many other South American countries, and the trader acknowledges that Mexico cannot compete in terms of volume at this stage of the season; only in terms of quality. Additionally, Mexico has access to markets that other producing countries do not have, which gives Berries Paradise an opportunity to do good business, strengthening its relationship with its customers and the reputation of its brand on the market. "Some countries in South America are currently producing. Now, as I mentioned, we can only compete in terms of volume if we are able to meet specific commitments made in advance," he affirms.

Domestic market

The producer adds that, when demand is high, they also supply the Mexican market, where the consumption of blueberries is on the rise. "It is still a new product for this country," states Silva, but stresses that the main objective of the company is to export. "We see Mexico as an important market, also for the establishment of our brand, Berries Paradise. We want Mexicans to be aware of the fact that we are a Mexican company that is shipping to the international markets."

The prices of berries depends largely on supply and demand, according to Silva.

Asia Fruit Logistica

Berries Paradise will attend the next edition of the trade fair Asia Fruit Logistica, in addition to other events, like PMA in October and Worldfood Moscow. According to the exporter, the main objective of the company at these fairs is to come into contact with its current customers, visit and strengthen its relationships with them, but also to develop new business in specific countries.

Mexico does not have permission to export directly to all countries in Asia. "We are trying to introduce our products to countries like South Korea, Thailand and Malaysia, but we have no phytosanitary protocols to export from Mexico. It will take time, maybe a couple of years. We have contacts; we have some potential customers, but unfortunately, we still cannot do it," he concludes.
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