IBO develops online information platform exclusively for its members
July 31, 2016

ibo live statsIn early July the International Blueberry Organization, (IBO) launched a new service exclusively for its members called Live Stats, an online information platform that provides access to volume statistics on blueberry trading in the United States. This platform is exclusively for IBO members.

These USDA-created reports are updated daily by the system to show the IBO web page data in real time.  Also, it allows volume comparisons from all countries that provide to the U.S. market.

IBO President Andrés Armstrong says Live Stats expands and strengthens the IBO mission, which is to keep the global blueberry industry informed to promote healthy growth. Thus, he emphasizes that “with this new tool that we have incorporated, we want to provide relevant information to our members, so that they can search according to their own needs and concerns”.

Along these same lines, IBO Administrator Gustavo Yentzen explains that one of the main benefits for IBO members is the frequency and interactivity of the reports: “We offer a reliable information service to support timely decision-making”.

Upon entering Live Stats, IBO members can:

Access the USDA’s online information.

Access daily, weekly and monthly reports regarding blueberry volumes sold in the United States.

Compare volumes provided from all the countries supplying the United States.

Access interactive reports that permit you to:

- Change the range of history observed

- Compare current volumes with previous years

- Download the information in an Excel file

About the International Blueberry Organization (IBO): The IBO is a global organization bringing together leaders from around the blueberry world in all segments of the industry, including producers and marketers, affiliated business, social groups, and governmental organizations worldwide. It primarily comes together to learn, share, grow, understand, distribute information, address mutual challenges, coordinate potential solutions and explore opportunities. Ultimately, the organization exists to advance the health and sustainability of the blueberry industry.