IBO strengthens its digital media presence
June 30, 2016

Interactivity and immediacy are the two key components for the rapid advancement of internet technology and have been incorporated into our daily affairs as a fundamental tool to keep us informed about various international events.redes sociales

In order to strengthen our mission of sharing news and knowledge regarding the world blueberry market, the International Blueberry Organization, (IBO), added itself to social networks.  It already has more than 2,000 followers who each day learn new information about major industry developments, events, news and organizational meetings.

The organization shares an assortment of content on its accounts: Twitter @IBOBlueberry; Facebook IBOBlueberryORG; and LinkedIn International Blueberry Organization, ranging from consumer trends to market analysis, as well as the use of new technology.  Also, they will soon be active on Instagram and YouTube.

Thus their presence in social networks brings together unique tools that the organization has been developing to boost healthy industry growth, among these that should be highlighted is its site: www.internationalblueberry.org. This site facilitates member access to an impressive library with a wide range of information, such as technical documents and global statistics by country. The members of IBO also receive a monthly newsletter with major industry news.

Andres Armstrong, the organization’s Chairman, explains that one of the main tools of dissemination has been the IBO Summit, which is “an event that we have hosted in various countries and in which the attendees have access to information on production, projections, marketing cases, research on health benefits, issues of field technicians, packaging and managing the cold chain”.

It’s to be noted that “the incorporation of social networks like Facebook and Twitter seek the same goal: the transfer of information and knowledge to continue to promote the healthy growth of this industry”.

Return to South America

This fifth year of the IBO Summit returns to South America, after 2015’s Coffs Harbour, Australia gathering. The event will be held between September 20 -22 in Concordia, Argentina and Salto, Uruguay.  In the words of Andres Armstrong, “it’s the opportunity for producers, exporters, suppliers and even the public in the region to obtain information firsthand”.

Currently, the IBO focuses on more than 90% of the world blueberry production.  The organization also includes suppliers, contractors and other organizations with special interests within the industry, to provide them the opportunity to interact with key players in the industry and access relevant information.

For more information on the IBO Summit 2016, click HERE