Lifestyle marketing: blueberry’s simplicity takes center stage
May 13, 2016
Parents exist “on the go” – their lives are chaotic and a lot of times they’re just looking for that simple solution, either for the next meal or to fill that next block of free time. They look forward to the summer when they have more time to spend with their kids, but life still presents those same challenges. How does one fill the 100 days of summer with tasty food, fun and shared memories? That’s where blueberries come in.Bite-Size-Summer-518x294-Landing-Page-Callout-F-320x181
On May 16, the USHBC will launch its “Bite Size Summer” program, offering recipes and blueberry-inspired activity ideas for parents looking for what’s next. Every two weeks through August 31, the Council will release new ideas to continue the excitement, create new fans and drive purchases all summer long.
The ‘Bite Size’ idea expands on the Council’s Little Changes platform, offering ideas, or little changes, that can be passed on or shared with their kids.
By the end of the campaign, the Council expects to have reached millions through key channels, including:
    •, where USHBC members can find and share campaign content, including recipes and activity ideas, with their own followers
    •    The Council’s social media platforms
    •    Lifestyle influencers including Ali Sweeney and “Mommy Shorts” (blog), among others
    •, the preeminent online resource for Millennial dads
    •    Media relations, including a Radio News Release
    •    Advertising