Branded Canadian blueberries launch in UK
February 17, 2016

Branded Canadian blueberries have been launched in the UK under the Bart ‘n’ Lainy label.2_1205716_e

Following a trial last year, the blueberries are now available in 540g jars and can be sourced directly from Bart ‘n’ Lainy owner Nicholas and Knight, or through two independent retailers – Hider Foods and Vic’s Good Food.

“We’ve known about these small berries and the spectacular Canadian wilderness where they grow for many years and it has become a bit of a personal mission to bring them over here,” said co-founder Mike Nicholas.

“For a long time we have wanted to use our experience and expertise to market our own brand. We chose Canadian Wild Blueberries because they have a fantastic reputation, we know the growers well and because it is an exciting challenge to bring something entirely new to the UK.”