Little Changes for the holidays camping motivates fall-winter purchases
January 28, 2016

To encourage more purchases of frozen blueberries during the fall and winter, the USHBC partnered with online food influencers Honest blues3Cooking and Serious Eats, as well as 25 top food bloggers to create and promote blueberry recipes for the holidays. The campaign was largely centered on a Pinterest giveaway, prompting participants to create a “Little Changes for the Holidays” Pinterest board for a chance to win $500 to put toward their holiday meal. With 60% of Pinterest users purchasing products after pinning, the Council was encouraged by the positive results:

•5+ million consumers reached by the holiday blueberry recipes shared on Pinterest

•101% increase in web traffic to littlebluedynamos.comover November and December 2014

•1.8k new email subscribers who will receive blueberry recipes and inspiration each month going forward