Health halo boosts sales
October 25, 2015

Blueberry’s superfood status continues to drive sales at home and abroad.shutterstock29 The U.S. Highbush Blueberry Commission estimates per capita consumption in the U.S. will hit 50 ounces this year, compared to 34.9 ounces in 2010, a 43% increase. According to the commission, the most popular reason for liking blueberries is connected to nutrition. More than half (57%) of Americans have seen news stories about the health benefits of blueberries, the commission said, and 84% of consumers like blueberries because they have health benefits. “As research continues to flow showing the health attributes that come from eating blueberries, that really helps demand,” said Mario Flores, director of blueberry product management for Naples, Fla.-based Naturipe Farms. Daniel Moznett, director of marketing for Stockton, Calif.-based Grower Direct Marketing, credits the commission and other marketing organizations with increasing the demand for blueberries worldwide. “From Singapore to Hong Kong to China, our customers are asking for blueberries and demand overseas is at the highest I’ve ever seen it,” Moznett said. “It’s a direct correlation to how much promotions these agencies have done with their unified message,” he said. “They’ve done a fantastic job and it’s really helped the shipping side significantly.” 10/14/2015 Photo: Source: The Packer