Blueberry boom in Peru: “Investment recovered with the second harvest”
July 26, 2015

The harvest will kick off in late July and the blueberry boom in Peru continues gaining momentum, driven by great prospects, a growing international market, good returns, Government support and a Peruvian season that falls right in a window where there is not much fruit in the market and prices are high.blll

"Investments continue to increase, depending on the availability of seedlings. We are growing at a rate of 6-7 hectares per day, making use of the maximum operating capacity of the nurseries," affirms Alfonso Velásquez Tuesta, chief executive of the Sierra Exportadora agency, who has been promoting the production of blueberries in various regions of the country, such as Lambayeque, Ancash, Apurimac and La Libertad, through the National Blueberry Programme.

Alfonso points out that the optimism regarding the potential of the fruit's cultivation is such that, in addition to large companies, many young people are joining up to create their own businesses. "People who were not previously in agriculture now see great opportunities in it."

"The good number of seedlings delivered has led to very good yields in just a year and a half; the high prices additionally ensure the investment is recovered with the second harvest," he says.

Government support through Sierra Exportadora aims to support these entrepreneurs and prevent the negative experiences suffered in other countries; this is the main reason for the frequent organisation of events such as the one held on 18 June.

The Second Blueberry Seminar - Addressing the technical challenges for the proper development of blueberry cultivation in Peru, organised by Blueberries Consulting and AGQ International, counted not only with the presence of the CEO of Sierra Exportadora, Alfonso Velásquez Tuesta, but also with Jorge Retamales, of the University of Talca, and Bruno Defilippi, of the University of Chile, both renowned Chilean researchers who have contributed to the development of the blueberry industry in that country.


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