New Spanish berry brand lands in Europe
January 28, 2015

Huelvan berry cooperative Cuna de Platero has launched a premium label for its blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. The company said in a statement that it would roll out its Berrycatessen brand across European markets throughout the coming year.2_1203466_e

It will be used to market its new raspberry variety, Adelita, production of which is forecast to grow by 400 per cent following strong demand by European consumers.

“Berrycatessen will be available in markets where Cuna de Platero is already active, such as Germany, France, Italy, the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and Czech Republic amongst others, while the extended shelf-life of varieties such as Adelita will permit us to reach more distant markets like Norway and other Scandinavian countries,” the company said.

Initially, the berries will be sold in 30cm x 40cm cartons, each containing twelve 125g trays, the most popular packaging format for European consumers, before being tailored to the specific demand of individual retail clients.

Cuna de Platero said the launch highlighted the company’s continued commitment to product differentiation based on innovation and excellence.