Tucumán: The importance of the Province in blueberries exports
November 27, 2014

Benjamín Matienzo Airport has become a key point, processing and dispatching blueberries´ shipments from Argentina to abroad.blueberry-cartons-_-ffp-300x300

"Tucumán is open to trade with the entire region. In 2011, when Aeroparque Jorge Newberry closed and all transactions had to be done by Ezeiza Airport, an alternative was opened up with Tucuman Airport. Entre Ríos growers sent their blueberries to our province to export from here. Other provinces were unable to export from Tucuman, in part because of production problems and, in other cases, because of the high freight costs" (this year Salta and Corrientes also exported from this airport), described the IDEP (Tucumán Production Development Institute) Foreign Trade Coordinator, Fernando Martorell. He stressed that  Córdoba operates as well but Tucumán has the second place after Ezeiza; the first freights operators. "

Martorell was clear in stating that "The airlines offer new alternatives. Tucumán has less  congestion than other airports, and the enlargement of its  platform will reduce waiting times" he said. Another aspect marked was that "we can operate 24 hours, 365 days a year." Our airport is completely prepared; Firefighters have larger pumpers, so that they can operate with larger aircrafts; and we offer more services, "he described. We had also improved security systems with the Police Security Airport (PSA), the attention of the National Health and Food Quality Service (SENASA), Customs, ANAC (National Civil Aviation Administration) and AA2000 (airport concessionaires).