Gourmet Trading upsizes blueberry clamshells
May 30, 2013

Starting the California blueberry season, Gourmet Trading Co. is offering its fruit in different pack sizes.

Instead of the traditional 4.4- and 6-ounce clamshells, the Los Angeles company is marketing what it calls its “super-sized” and “super-crunchy” blueberries in modified 5-, 10- and 16-ounce clamshells.

“We found that traditional pack sizes such as 4.4-ounce and 6-ounce were crushing the 18-mm minimum diameter berries,” Julia Inestroza, Gourmet Trading’s marketing director, said in a news release. “By putting fewer Superblues in each clamshell, we were able to give retailers a differentiated product at a comparable price point to regular blueberries.”

Providing retailers the Superblues gives them the ability to target two types of customers at a similar price and provides them a more complete berry category, Inestroza said in the release.

Gourmet Trading plans to market California blueberries through the end of June.

The Packer