Uruguay positions itself as a global citrus and blueberries exporter
February 28, 2013

According to the latest report by the Uruguay XXI Institute, Uruguay is one of the top 10 exporters of blueberries, is ranked as the 2nd citrus exporter in Latin America and is in the top 20 citrus exporters in the world list.

Citrus fruits (mainly oranges and tangerines) are the main fruits exported, according to the detailed report that also highlights the good performance of blueberries in recent years, placing them Uruguay's 2nd fruit export.

The European market is Uruguay's citrus exports' main destination. The main gateway to the market is through the Netherlands where products are channelled to their final destinations. In recent years, Brazil has increased its demand to the point of acquiring 9% of sales in 2012.

Regarding blueberries, says Uruguay XXI, the constant development of production in Uruguay is based on the good lands and climate, competitive advantages that place it in a better position than other producers in the world. In turn, having the opposite seasons than those of the European markets and the United States has allowed Uruguay to be part of the top 10 blueberries exporters.

Even though the production of blueberries is a recent activity in Uruguay, it was the fruit that experienced the highest growth in terms of volumes produced and exported in the last decade. Crops reached their peak between 2005-2008 with 850 hectares. In recent years, because of a decrease in ventures in the southern region due to low yields and late harvests, the amount of cultivated hectares has declined to only 450 of crops.

The first exports of blueberries in 2003 was valued at US $ S 3,500. As production began to grow, exports steadily increased to a record level in 2011 of 2,713 tons. In 2012 exports fell slightly totalling 2146 tons (U.S. $ 15.6 million).


2001 - 1st commercial planting blueberries

2003 - 1st export of blueberries worth US $ 3500

2005-2008 highest cultivated area recorded (850 acres)

2713 tonnes exported in 2011 (historical record)