Peru: Camposol increasing blueberry acreage
January 31, 2013

The commercial manager, José Antonio Gómez Bazán, reported that this year Camposol will add 250 hectares for blueberry production to the 120 which it already owns in La Libertad, Peru.

 The firm also studies the possibility of increasing the acreage by another 30 hectares, which would mean a total of 400 hectares for the project, making it one of the largest, if not the largest, in the country.

"We started exporting in October last year, but with minimal amounts, just as a test," explained Gómez Bazán regarding the results of the first harvest.

He explained that the use of methyl bromide for fumigation and cold treatment were adequate and that they are "ready for the next big step."

Blueberries are bound to be the most profitable agribusiness in the coming years despite the large investment needed (at least US$ 40,000/hectare). Great international demand and high returns make it a very attractive crop, which around ten firms in Peru have already opted for.

Chile is the South Hemisphere's largest blueberry producer, followed by Argentina, Uruguay and Peru.