How Blueberry Antioxidants Control Blood Pressure
January 31, 2013

High blood pressure always comes with excessively high risk of severe physical damage and sometimes even leads towards death in extreme cases. Sadly, it is a very common complain among many adults  with around one in every three adults are facing the trouble of high blood pressure, only in the United States. It is mainly your blood vessels, heart, kidneys, and other vital organs of the body, which will be affected directly due to high blood pressure. The most threatening part of high blood pressure is its stealth symptoms, and thus it can cause silent damage inside your body which you may not even notice. The fluctuation in blood pressure is pretty normal up to a certain level. Usually the upper and lower blood pressure level of 80 and 120 is considered as normal and stable ridding. But, it is really alarming if you have started getting blood pressure riding in between 140 – 160, instead of 80 – 120. You must not wait and immediately rush toward your doctor/physician, if the lower limit of your blood pressure is 160 or above.

Blueberry Antioxidants Maintain Healthy Blood Levels

You will find numerous medicines in the market from different pharmaceuticals to deal with high blood pressure. Unfortunately, many of these drugs have one or more side effects, which may trigger some other physical complains. Specially, people who are taking other medications, are sometimes very sensitive to blood pressure medicines. Natural and herbal remedies for high blood pressure are more preferable than usual medicines. Blueberry anti-oxidant is one of the best natural ways to control high blood pressure without any risk of other side effects. This anti-oxidant will help you control the high blood pressure by eliminating the damaging molecules which are key elements for cell degeneration.

What You’ll Find Inside Blueberries

Antioxidants mostly comes with vitamin A, E, and C along with lycopene, selenium and beta carotene. It is very rare to find other fruits or food item like blueberry, which comes with such ample source of antioxidant. Blueberry antioxidant is also very rich with Manganese and fiber, which are two very effective ingredients to control high blood pressure of your body. Antioxidant inside blueberry can help you to stay away from the risk of serious physical damage like heart attack, stroke, and even cancer by controlling high blood pressure and eliminating the negative elements of your blood.

 Doctors Are Prescribing ChromaDex Treatment

ChromaDex is a natural medication which comes with the same antioxidant you can get from blueberry. Many expert and experienced physicians are even suggesting this interesting fix for their patients, who are suffering from high blood pressure problem. This special herbal medication comes with around ninety percent natural blueberry extract besides of vitamins and other natural ingredients. These ingredients also help you to develop bones and works effectively on metabolizing the proteins of your body. Medicines from ChromaDex are considered as a great source of poly phenols, which is one of the most excellent source of antioxidant.

Besides of controlling your high blood pressure in an effective manner,Chromadex also takes care of the heart and cognitive functions of your body. You can also find benefits as this medicine comes with anti-aging antioxidant and sports nutrition. This medicine is also prescribed for weight loss purposes as well. You can also ensure a better and stable physical condition by neutralizing the cell damaging elements with the help of ChromaDex. High concentrations of anthocyanin, polyphenols and proanthocyanidin inside Chromadex may make it your first pharma-choice for high blood pressure.