US: Blueberry pest causes $27 million damage in Michigan
November 30, 2012

Rufus Isaacs, a small fruit entomologist at Michigan State University, said the spotted wing drosophila is expected to cause $27 million in damage to the state's $102 million blueberry crop this year.

In addition to blueberries, it has been found in Michigan's cherries and grapes.

But as devastating as the spotted wing drosophila has been, Isaac is optimistic that his two years of study has come up with ways for growers to manage and contain the pest.

"With the information we've been able to generate, I think we can manage this," said Isaacs.

"We advise growers of susceptible fruit in all Michigan counties to initiate active monitoring for this pest," he said, adding that it has been trapped on blueberry farms and near strawberry, blackberry and raspberry farms.