Prices for imported blueberries in Poland have increased instead of falling
March 16, 2022

Since the beginning of February, wholesale prices for imported blueberries have been increasing on the Polish market, EastFruit project analysts report with reference to the fresh-market website. In total, imported blueberries in Poland have risen in price by 34% over the year, and current blueberry prices are in the range of 36.00-58.00 PLN/kg ($8.98-14.46/kg), depending on quality, packaging and country of origin.

It is worth noting that since the blueberry harvest in Spain has been going on for several weeks now, the increase in the supply of blueberries should lead to a fall in prices, not an increase. Unfortunately, the harvesting is still at a very early stage, as no more than 8-9% of the planned blueberries were harvested by the end of the 10th week in Spain.

In the 9th week (the latest data by Cen Junta de Andalusia), blueberry prices in Spain increased from $6.03/kg to $6.17/kg. According to market operators, this increase in blueberry prices in Spain is a consequence of high production and logistics costs, as well as problems with the current harvest due to adverse weather conditions. At the same time, there is a tendency to reduce selling prices for blueberries every year. Thus, prices for blueberries in Spain decreased from $7.12/kg last year to the aforementioned $6.17/kg.