A Blueberry Boost for US consumers
January 21, 2022

The US Highbush Blueberry Council (USHBC) has launched A Blueberry Boost, a new skill for Alexa, Amazon’s voice-activated artificial intelligence service.

A Blueberry Boost allows consumers to ask Alexa any questions they have about blueberries, whether they’re shopping, meal planning, baking, cooking or hosting an event.

In response, Alexa provides USHBC recipes, tips, kitchen hacks and more – often directing to the USHBC website for more information.

“A Blueberry Boost offers a personalised source of ideas and inspiration for eating more blueberries in more ways throughout the day,” said Jennifer Sparks, USHBC/NABC vice-president of marketing and communications. “The new skill allows the industry to further engage and motivate blueberry enthusiasts of all ages to find a boost of blue.”

To download the skill from a smartphone, users can open the Alexa app, tap the menu icon in the screen’s upper left corner, and then tap 'Skills & Games'.

On the Skills & Games screen, they can tap on the magnifying glass on top to bring up the search field, and type in the phrase 'A Blueberry Boost.' Or, users can simply say to their Alexa device: 'Alexa, add the skill: A Blueberry Boost.'

There are many different topics integrated into the skill, ranging from storage and shopping tips to flavour pairings and nutrition information.

“We see the implementation of our first Alexa skill as an opportunity to break through the clutter and connect with key audiences,” added Sparks. “Most importantly, as an industry we can gain additional insights on consumer behaviour to drive demand.”