USHBC launches pilot with Kroger to promote larger blueberry retail pack sizes
August 19, 2021

The pilot project includes targeted on-site ads highlighting the flavor and value benefits of a “Bigger Boost of Blue” in larger pack sizes.

These ads will run systemwide and support larger pack sizes in key markets, as well as other larger sizes available throughout the Kroger system.

This pilot project is designed to drive sales of fresh blueberries and help USHBC better understand the impact of on-site advertising, and the volume and dollar growth opportunities in larger-sized packages of organic and conventional blueberries.

In the first weekend of the pilot program, USHBC spent just $536.43 and sold 4,444 units for attributed sales of $13,975.64 and a return on ad (ROA) spend of 25.58X.

As of August 12, the results continue to be strong, with $7,156.17 in spending and 238,899 impressions garnered to date. There were 48,444 units sold for a total sales of $172,026 and a ROA of 2403.88%.

USHBC says it is looking forward to seeing the full results of this pilot project in September.