Trade deal will open China for U.S. blueberries, avocados and nectarines
January 16, 2020

The phase one U.S.-China trade deal will open the Asian market for U.S. blueberries, Hass avocados, nectarines and fresh potatoes.

The official text of the trade deal signed at the White House on Wednesday states that the USDA and China's
GACC must sign and implement a phytosanitary protocol to allow the import of those products into China.

For fresh potatoes, this must be done within seven days of the deal entering into force. For nectarines, the time period is one month.

For avocados and blueberries, meanwhile, the protocols must be signed and implemented within three months.

The deal also states that the U.S. must complete its regulatory notice process for imports of Chinese fragrant pear, citrus, and Jujube. This must be done in 45 days, two months and one month, respectively.

Additionally, under the agreement, neither country can require a phytosanitary certificate for the importation from frozen fruits and vegetables from the other.

The two countries announced they had agreed to a phase one trade deal on Dec. 13. At the time, Trump said negotiations on a phase two deal would begin “immediately, rather than waiting until after the 2020 election”.

The agreement also meant that the U.S. did not implement a new round of tariffs on Dec. 15 as it had planned.