First container of Peruvian OZblu blueberries arrives in China
October 2, 2019

Large volumes of Peruvian blueberries have arrived on the Chinese market in recent weeks. Ruifu International Trade Co., Ltd. received the first shipping containers of OZblu blueberries from Peru on the 29th of September. The company celebrated the arrival of these blueberries with a special ceremony for the opening of the first container. This was the first container of OZblu blueberries to arrive in China. Many more will follow in the next few months and competition will grow fierce. Sean of Ruifu stated that OZblu blueberries will do well in the Chinese market because this product is different. The flavor of OZblu blueberries is different from the flavor of other Peruvian blueberries. The motto of OZblu blueberries is therefore "a different blueberry experience".

The Peruvian consul dispatched to the economic office in Shanghai, Carla Cieza; the sales manager for Asia, Mark Pidgeon; vice-director of the Yuqian Group Ruifu International Marketing Center, Tian Xin; and the Ruifu International Product Development manager, Xu Fei, all attended the ceremony.

The sales manager for OZblu Asia, Mark Pidgeon, delivered a speech during the ceremony. He stated that, "the cultivators of OZblu blueberries, David & Leasa Mazzardis, come from Australia. They gave their full concentration to the research and development of blueberry plantation, and they gave the world a blueberry variety with outstanding product quality. The Australian company United Exports and the Peruvian Migiva Group jointly established OZblu in the USA in 2018. The outstanding blueberry plantation technology of United Exports and OZblu combined with the rich experience of Migiva in agricultural plantation management, and together they cultivated the OZblu blueberry. The OZblu blueberry grows at 2,000 meter above sea level in a pure, natural environment. The fruit flesh is juicy  and the flavor is both crisp and sweet. The OZblu blueberry also obtained the Guinness book of records distinction for heaviest blueberry."

"The OZblu blueberry already grows in the USA, Australia, Europe, South Africa, and Morocco. At the same time, to protect the outstanding product quality of OZblu blueberries, we follow every step of the process from plantation and selection to packaging and distribution. We pay careful attention to every step of this process to make sure that the world can enjoy the excellent flavor of OZblu blueberries." Mark Pidgeon also thanked Ruifu International Trade, the main retailer of OZblu blueberries in China, for the successful organization of the festive opening ceremony. "We trust that the mutual cooperation will only grow more beautiful in the future."

The Peruvian consul to the economic office in Shanghai, Carla Cieza, stated that Yuqian Group Ruifu International is a key trading partner in Asia. The company made great contributions to the growing trade relations between China and Peru. The vice-director of Ruifu International Marketing Center, Tian Xin, added that China is the largest blueberry importer in the world and Peru has the ambition to become the largest blueberry producer in the world.

Ruifu International, a daughter company of Yuqian Group, is specialized in fruit trade. The company selects the most outstanding fruits from all over the world and sets new standards for product quality. "We developed high production standards for OZblu blueberries and guarantee product quality. Furthermore, we believe that OZblu will be a great success in China because of the flavor of OZblu blueberries and the marketing experience of Yuqian Group."

The vice-director of Shanghai Huizhan Fruit and Vegetable Market Management Co., Ltd., Lin Zhehao, also thanked the Yuqian Group for the platform this activity offered. Because of this, more people are able to enjoy the outstanding flavor of Peruvian OZblu blueberries.

Traders from all over the country came to the opening ceremony to taste and order OZblu blueberries. The first container of OZblu blueberries was completely sold out before the end of the ceremony.