OZblu announces exclusive global deal with renowned blueberry expert
April 29, 2019

OZblu of United Exports and its joint venture partner Migiva Group have signed an exclusive global deal with one of the blueberry industry’s leading specialists – Sebastián Ochoa Münzenmayer.

Münzenmayer, known for his expertise on the “relatively new low-chill evergreen blueberries”, will now work with United Exports.

This move is part of United Export’s strategy to expand the international reach of its “highly successful” OZblu blueberries, says the corporation.

Roger Horak, founder and global CEO of United Exports and co-founder of OZblu, says Sebastian is one of the most highly skilled and respected individuals in the blueberry industry around the globe.

Horak adds: “To have him work for us exclusively will give us a huge strategic advantage in a very competitive and fast growing industry.”

Münzenmayer’s Spain-based company, Consultora Agrícola y Comercial Santa María, is an agricultural consultancy office specializing in providing technical advice in the blueberry industry worldwide.

Besides consulting to a number of international companies, he has also lectured and delivered papers at various universities and conferences on topics such as production, quality control and agricultural techniques in berry production.

According to Horak, Sebastian saw the potential with United Exports and OZblu, and likewise, he is committed to ongoing research and development in this vibrant industry.

“It was not a difficult decision to enter into this commercial arrangement with United Exports, yes the genetics are simply class leading globally, but working with such a dynamic and committed team of people makes all that more exciting,” comments Sebastian.

This partnership follows another recent international undertaking of OZblu and Migiva Group – the companies will grow OZblu blueberries in the Northern Hemisphere for the first time, thanks to Mexico-based Red Sun Farms’ entry into the joint venture in February.

The deal with Red Sun Farms was described as an acceleration of OZblu’s scheme to supply its varieties year-round. In particular, the company has stated that it aims to increase the availability of its categories Oz Magnifica, Oz Bella, Oz Bonita, Oz Julieta, and Oz Magica.