China: “We decided to import blueberries from Chile this year”
November 6, 2018

"Blueberries are popular in China this year. Market demand for this small and tasty fruit is strong. China has a blueberry industry but also imports large volumes of blueberries. The domestic blueberry production season begins every year in April and continues until September. Major production areas are distributed all over China. The blueberries in Yunnan enter the market first, followed by blueberries from Shandong and Dalian. We often import blueberries from Chile and Peru, but this year we decided not to import from Peru, but only from Chile." This is according to Jeffery of Shenzhen Yuanxing Fruit Co., Ltd.//Yumsun

"The Peruvian blueberry industry operates on a large scale, but their cost price is high, which in turn leads to high retail prices. Increased import prices mean we have to increase the retail price in the Chinese market, which would make blueberries difficult to afford for most consumers. Therefore, in order to sell our fruit, we can only keep the retail price low if we keep the cost price low, or we risk heavy losses. We decided to import from Chile instead. The product quality is extremely good in Chile. We believe that these blueberries will sell very well in the Chinese market."

The commercial season for Chilean blueberries is about to start and will continue into March next year. "Chile is one of China's most important fruit import sources. We currently import cherries and blueberries. Next year, we plan to import grapes, apples, and sugar plums from Chile. We already stopped importing apples from the USA, because the current customs tariff on apples is 50%. The demand for such expensive apples is weak in China."