New tool kit for retailers to promote Chilean blueberries
January 30, 2018

Naturipe Farms is providing retailers a tool kit to promote the Chilean blueberry peak season with a FeBLUEary promotion.

“FeBLUEary is a reason for folks to get excited about fresh blueberries during the winter months,” says CarrieAnn Arias, Vice President of Marketing. This campaign is focused on the consumer and giving retailers the tools to promote the peak of the Chilean blueberry season to drive sales. “From signage to digital content, we are collaborating with our retail partners to create excitement at the store level,” says Arias.

“February is an outstanding time for imported blueberries and thus our focus,” says Brian Vertrees, Director of Business Development – West. “Conventional volumes are already at promotable levels and the market is carrying great momentum with organics,” adds Vertrees. Naturipe will see the first of 2018’s organic peak volumes arriving in February.

Naturipe encourages retailers to utilize the FeBLUEary campaign in their stores. Retailers have options to promote multiple pack sizes and can increase sales by taking advantage of pints and 18 oz. blueberries to help upsize consumers to larger pack sizes.

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