Wholesum Harvest introduces new organic berry company
January 22, 2018

Wholesum Harvest has launched a new company, Wholesum Berries LLC, which will distribute organic berries on a year-round program.

Wholesum Berries is a joint venture owned by organic berry growers from North America and South America and Wholesum Harvest. The new company will begin distributing organic blueberries and strawberries this year out of Southern California with a goal to add blackberries and raspberries to complete the organic berry lineup in the near future.

“Wholesum Berries is a significant opportunity for our growers and will be focused on developing current and anticipated product sales,” said Ricardo Crisantes, chief operating officer of Wholesum Harvest.

Katy Classon has joined Wholesum Berries as the company’s sales manager. Previously, Classon worked at Naturipe Farms where she was promoted in 2014 to sales representative.

“I'm so excited about 100 percent organic berry production," said Classon. "This is where my passion lies and I look forward to using my sustainability experience with Naturipe to help continue to move the needle of the industry toward responsible and fair supply chains.”

Wholesum Harvest and its organic berry growers share the same vision for a future of responsible and sustainable food sourcing. The likeminded partners created Wholesum Berries with the goal to bring high-quality organic berries and build a Fair Trade program the industry can use as a model.

“Wholesum Berries has the potential to change the berry game by bringing more sustainability, social responsibility and organic progress and advocacy to market in a way that allows more families everywhere to have access to berries done the Wholesum Way,” said Jessie Gunn, vice president of marketing for Wholesum Berries.

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