Chile to send first blueberries to India in October
September 8, 2017

With market access announced earlier this year, the Chilean blueberry industry is gearing up to send its first blueberry consignment to the Indian market in October.

A deal was agreed in April after a decade of negotiations, but the protocol is only set to come into effect in late September.

“A phytosanitary protocol was established for the entry of fresh blueberries into India, which recognizes Chile’s condition as a fruit fly-free country,” Chilean Blueberry Committee president Andrés Armstrong said.

“This gives us the chance to enter a new world market where there are many possibilities, but that requires a lot of work regarding logistics and promotions which we will begin to do from this season.”

The first arrivals are expected around mid-October, but the total volumes to be shipped to the market are not yet clear.

“As in other parts of the world, there is a lot of interest from consumers and distribution channels,” Armstrong said.

A Chilean delegation recently visited New Delhi and Mumbai on a trade mission to meet with potential partners and supermarket clients.

“It was a very interesting trip and the exporters who participated were very enthusiastic about the opportunities,” he said.

Total trade between Chile and India last year stood at around US$2.2 billion.

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