California Giant Berry Farms launches new back to school “College” promotion
August 21, 2017


No stranger to the effectiveness of back to school promotions in engaging new generations with produce, California Giant Berry Farms has unveiled a new promotion to target an untapped audience. The company has announced its Fresh Start: College Edition promotion and sweepstakes. 

“This hits home even in my family as two of my grandsons head to college this fall and neither has done grocery shopping much on their own. Both are student athletes and need to eat healthy so I will be arming them with the e-book,” said Cindy Jewell, VP of Marketing.

The new promotion is geared towards young adults settling into a new lifestyle, who may need a guiding hand towards eating healthy and accessing food. The promotion will entice college students and young adults with an e-book full of easy-to-make food ideas as hacks, according to a press release, in addition to a Visa gift card giveaway.

Targeting young adults between 18-25, Fresh Start: College Edition looks to help those in that demographic as they look to stay healthy and learn how to shop on their own. California Giant said that early findings conducted through targeted ads on social media revealed that this demographic is shopping for food on a daily basis and is brand savvy. 

California Giant will also look to build its database of these valuable consumer with the sweepstakes. The company will give away two $150 Visa gift cards, and one $500 Visa gift card as part of the promotion. The sweepstakes will also serve to better support the future shopping behavior of this demographic, in addition to winning their brand loyalty. 

Though the company’s focus has been on busy moms packing lunches and rushing through the morning school ritual every morning in order to catch the bus or make school drop off, California Giant is looking to expand on its reach with the new promotion. The company said that helping busy families on the go is still very important to it, and that all families can benefit from its custom e-book, which is full of new recipes, ideas, and hacks.

The promotion launched on August 16, and is supported by social media advertising, email marketing, and two e-book offers. Fresh Start: College Edition will run through September 30, 2017.