Peru blueberries led agro-exports growth in 2016
February 2, 2017

Peruvian blueberry exports climbed to US$241 million in 2016 from US$97 million (2015), up by 148% over the previous year, the Association of Peruvian Farming Producers (AGAP) informed.

When it comes to Peruvian non-traditional exports, growth positioned blueberries in the fifth spot after having held the ranking's 21st position back in 2015.

Among fresh fruits, blueberries became the Andean country's third-most exported product.

Avocado shipments also experienced a significant rise by climbing from US$306 million (2015) to US$397 million (2016). These were followed by citrus fruits and bananas.

According to AGAP, blueberry exports also contributed to the increase in fresh fruit shipments (up by 13.2%).

It must be noted Europe (US$842 million), the U.S. (US$690 million) and Asia (US$220 million) were the main market destinations for the latter segment.  

On the other hand, fresh-vegetable exports expanded 4.4%, boosted by asparagus (US$420 million) and onions (US$70 million).

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