Blueberry Council to shift consumer perception on seasonality
January 19, 2017

Many U.S. consumers believe blueberries are only in season May through August. With the goal of changing those perceptions, the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council is conducting a Winter Fresh, Summer Somewhere campaign which runs through February 2017. The campaign highlights the quality, in-season product available to U.S. consumers year-round, fresh from the blueberry farms of South America. With a focus on reaching millennial parents, the campaign takes a humorous and educational approach to improving consumer perceptions, driving demand and encouraging sales of winter fresh blueberries.

Winterfresh_homegraphic-1Millennials have surpassed baby boomers as the nation’s largest living generation1, with roughly 20 percent being parents2. These new parents are driving movement in the produce aisle with a significant focus on fresh and natural3.

“In our December 2016 survey of parents, we found that 40 percent really struggle to eat as healthily in winter as they do during the summer, and over half said it’s even harder to ensure their children eat a balanced diet during the winter4,” said Mark Villata, Executive Director of the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council. “These findings illustrate an opportunity for us to help educate families on simple ways they can add nutritious meals during the winter months, and how fresh, quality blueberries available year-round help make that possible.”

Components of the Winter Fresh, Summer Somewhere campaign will be implemented in January through February 2017, including:

•Media coverage – telling the Winter Fresh, Summer Somewhere blueberry story.

•Summer-inspired, fresh blueberry recipes – featuring winter fresh blueberries that add a burst of freshness to dishes consumers make during the winter or year-round.

•Winter Fresh, Summer Somewhere videos – showcasing the campaign theme through a series of lifestyle videos that use humor to educate consumers about the availability of fresh blueberries during the North American winter.

•Partnership with Fatherly – working with the popular millennial parenting network to produce content that attracts potential consumers through Fatherly’s blog and social media platforms.

“Millennial parents’ keen interest in fresh foods make blueberries a natural fit for them,” said Villata. “The Winter Fresh, Summer Somewhere campaign will help secure a year-round place for blueberries at their tables.”

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