BBC Technologies unveils new blueberry system
October 6, 2016

2_1207072_eNew Zealand-based BBC Technologies has unveiled Kato 260, a new sorting and grading machine for blueberries, at Fruit Attraction in Madrid.

The company, which specialises in the manufacturing and development of advanced processing technology, has called on 20 years' experience in the blueberry business to develop the new machine, spending the past four years comprehensively researching the fruit's specific characteristics to offer something unique to the global blueberry trade.

"The Kato 260 is, without doubt, industry-defining and the most refined solution for selection and optimisation of blueberries in the market," explained Geoff Furniss, the company’s chief executive.

"BBC Technologies respects the value of each individual berry. That's why this machine was developed from the berry up."

According to Furniss, the Kato 260 allows both growers and packers to increase business with a superior selection and better guarantee of shelf-life.

Precision controls support sophisticated grading criteria that, he said, exceed market demand.

"Our intimate awareness of the delicate characteristics of the blueberry enabled a compact design which emphasises gentle handling and product preservation," he added.

"Prior to its release, we've sold 12 machines, making the Kato 260 the most successful product in the history of or 16-year business."