Hortifrut tech fair puts innovation in the spotlight
August 26, 2016

People-at-Hortifrut-fair-768x512With more than 30 years of experience, Hortifrut has become a global leader in berry marketing thanks to the Chilean company’s unique business model with a focus on genetic development that allows it to deliver the best berries to customers.

A commercial presence in 37 countries and production in eight countries also means Hortifrut can supply fruit for 52-weeks a year.

One of the group’s key business pillars is maintaining close relationships with domestic producers, providing not only commercial support but also investment in the necessary tools to produce and compete globally.

The 2nd Hortifrut Technology and Innovation Fair proved a great example of this commitment.

In its second year, the fair attracted more than 700 people and 67 stands represented by technology providers, agriculture services companies and equipment suppliers. Technical talks complemented the show, with presentations from world-class domestic and international presenters such as:

• Iván Vera, founder and president of Chile’s Innspiral and Club de la Innovación

• Stanley Best, a leading investigator from Chile with a focus on precision agriculture for fruit cultivation, and

• Dr. James Canton, a global consultant from the United States who has worked for the White House and the National Science Foundation on innovation and development topics.

Hortifrut seeks to continue serving the industry as a global leader in innovation, by providing its expertise to national producers and generating necessary industry changes to promote success into the future. Through its industry support, Hortifrut looks to ensure Chile continues on as “world champions” in berry and blueberry production.

“We should take care to set ourselves apart and promote innovation, so that we can go compete against the world.” – Hortifrut S.A. president Victor Moller

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