U.S.: School marketing program toreach 150,000 families in 2016
April 15, 2016

kids-204x320For the past few years, the USHBC has collaborated with Kaleidoscope Youth Marketing to connect with hundreds of thousands of families through more than 600 elementary schools across the U.S. Ensuring blueberries and their lifestyle benefits are top of mind among this group is a priority for growing demand, so we’re sharing more recipes, nutrition facts, and activity sheets for parents and their kids.

In past years, this approach has been effective at:

•Influencing households with young children to consider purchasing blueberries more often and

•Persuading more schools to use blueberries on their menus

This year, the Council has created eye-catching new materials with increased emphasis on frozen blueberries and will connect with an additional 600 schools and 150,000 households across the U.S.

Stay tuned to learn more about this year’s results!